The Mithila Cultural Society, United Kingdom

Maithils in the United Kingdom

Mithila cultural society has been established to maintain the tradition of Maithili culture in UK and to encourage and influence British Mithila youth for their own mithila culture and values. This is non profitable and non religious organisation.

The Cultural Heritage of Mithila

Mithila was a Kingdom in Ancient India. It existed in the Eastern Gangetic Plains in areas which are today spread over Uttar Pradesh and the Bihar States of India, as well as parts of Nepal.
In broad Sense, Maithil Culture is said to be originated in Janakpur of Nepal. Janakpur was the capital of Ancient Mithila. Maithil Culture is probably the only culture in South Asia which is the combination of Ancient Nepalese and Indian Culture as Sita of Nepal and Ram of India were married which showed the influence of Indian culture on Maithil culture although Maithil Culture is said to be of Nepalese origin in Hinduism-epic Ramayana from time to time.

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