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I inked my first pigeon, The Coup in the City soon after I decided to leave corporate life in London a few years ago. To me, they symbolise London and working in the city; something I missed terribly.

As I was inking and exasperating about the number of shades of grey I was trying to eek out of my one pot of Indian ink, I thought to myself…50 Shades of Grey. I smiled as I wondered what that pigeon might look like. And so the Loft of Pigeons was born; based on nothing more than a love of London and silly names.

Homing Pigeon
Just Coo It
Racing Pigeon
Roller Discoo
Bird Song
Skate Wing
Pigeon Street
50 Shades of Grey
The Coup in the City

A4 £40, A3 £70, A2 £100

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